Genie Pro

Automatic Feature Extraction Tool

What is Genie Pro®?

Genie Pro® is an easy to use tool that uses techniques from statistical machine learning and evolutionary computation theory to perform robust and customized automatic feature extraction in multispectral, hyperspectral, panchromatic, and multi-instrument imagery.

All you need to do is “tell” Genie Pro® what you are looking for by “coloring” over small parts of the image. It is so simple, almost anyone can be taught to use Genie Pro® in minutes!

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Training Genie Pro® is simple.

During its training cycle, Genie Pro® builds algorithms from basic image processing building blocks, such as color detectors, edge detectors,texture analyzers, and shape filters. Genie Pro® begins its programming by building a few algorithms and testing them against your “colored-in” pixels. If an algorithm does not work well, it is eliminated. Surviving algorithms are then modified to create new ones.

Genie Pro® loops through this process hundreds or thousands of times in a matter of minutes, keeping you informed of its progress by telling you how well it did on your examples. You can stop it at any time to see how it is doing and possibly adjust your training set.

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Analyze Any Number of Images

Now you can view, manipulate and save the resulting solution algorithm. Then take the solution and use it on any number of images!

You can also adjust the results or convert them to vectors and export them as shapefiles. Perform image search, image classification and image object detection using Genie Pro®

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  • Easy to Use

    Tell Genie Pro® what you are looking for by "coloring" small parts of the image. This is the training information Genie Pro will use.

  • The Training Process

    Genie Pro® will build algorithms from basic image processing building blocks and test them against the "colored" training pixels you have provided.

  • Create a Customized Solution

    View your resulting algorithm and use it to analyze any number of other images.