Land Classifcation

Case Study

Land classifcation in the Boulder, Colorado area

Genie Pro solution created over an area near Boulder, Colorado. (Source: DigitalGlobe Imagery-used with permission)

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Image 1 - Genie Pro Training Interface - Five classes were selected to represent the land features in the image. Training pixels were selected using the paint tools to represent each class.

Image 2 - A Genie Pro Solution was developed and a final land cover classification was created for the Bolder area - Division between classes was excellent especially noticable between the scrub, bare earth and grassland classes. This raster image can be exported as a tif for use in other applications and each land class can be exported as a shapefile.

Image 3 - The left image is a close up of an area within the original image and the right image the same area with the Genie Pro Results Image overlay showing the final land classification results for the 5 feature classes.

Image 4 - Once the solution has been applied to the image, the number of pixels assigned to each feature class by the classifier are listed in the"Results Pixel Count".

Image 5 - Graphic representation of land use - The various land use types, including trees, grassland and scrub growth, urban deveolopment and roads and unproductive bare ground/soil are depicted in graphic form. The area each feature class occupies is calculated based on the GSD of the image.

Source: DigitalGlobe Quickbird Imagery-used with permission