Obtain a License File for Genie Pro


  • -- After installing the software, navigate to the Genie Pro installation directory.This
      is usually: C:\Program Files\Genie Pro.
  • -- Email the “hostid.txt” file to
  • -- You will then receive a license file (license.dat). Copy this into the C:\Program Files\
      GeniePro\bin directory. You will then be able to launch the software.
  • -- For questions & support, contact Genie Pro support at: 703-378-3153 or

  • MAC:

  • -- The first time you run Genie Pro, the Licensing window will appear.

  • -- Provide the identifier code to Observera via email to or by telephone at (703)378-3153. The identifier
        code starts with "osx" for example: "osx001122aabbcc".
  • -- A text license key will be provided for you that will be similar to this
      example: “abcd-1234-eeee-456g-mnop”.
  • -- Enter this key into the text field and press the "Enter License Key" button.
  • -- If the key is entered correctly, the color status indicator will turn green and
      you will see the message, "Success! Software is licensed. Quit and
        re-launch Genie Pro."
  • -- If you entered the key incorrectly or if there was an error, the color status
      indicator will turn red and the software will not be licensed.
  • -- Retry the installation license key or contact Observera