Support & Maintenance



Maintenance is available for Genie Pro via our annual maintenance agreement. This agreement enables customers to receive version upgrades and all major technical upgrade releases. This helps to ensure that our customers have the most advanced solutions to meet their current and evolving needs.


You must be a licensed owner of Genie Pro with an active Maintenance and Support Agreement. Answers to inquiries are typically provided within the same business day.

Telephone technical and license support is also provided as a component of your annual maintenance agreement. We provide this support during regular business hours Monday through Friday.
Telephone: (703) 378-3153

We also offer in-house or on-site training classes tailored to your needs. Contact us for more information concerning training/support options.

Free License Transfers

License transfers are provided at no cost. Should the computer hardware on which Genie Pro is installed fail, we will transfer your existing product license to new hardware free of charge.

Professional Services

With a team of experts, we have everything you need to customize Genie Pro to meet your specific requirements. From the addition of new functionality to integration within your unique environment, we have the expertise and experience to satisfy your needs.

For more information, visit our Professional Services page or Contact us directly.