Professional Services

Customized Training Programs

Classroom Training

Our experts in automatic feature extraction, image analysis and photogrammetry design our professional training courses and help you achieve your goals using Genie Pro. Our classes are taught on an as needed basis on or off site around the world. We want you to have the skills you need to power your success.

We customize Genie Pro training so you can take full advantage of the software. We offer half and full-day training classes that highlight Genie Pro's capabilities. We include hands-on practical training. You will:

-- Derive answers from your data faster

-- Understand the science behind the automated processes

-- Take advantage of Genie Pro’s complete functionality

Online Training (Webinar)

We also offer basic and customized online webinar classes tailored for your needs and experience levels. You can bring in analysts from all over your company regardless of location to convene at a time of your choosing during normal working hours (EST). Webinars last from 1 to 3 hours and can include time for specific questions from your experiences with Genie Pro. We want you to have the skills you need to power your success.


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